what we need

if you are considering yellow nest for your next project, the following information is necessary for us to proceed.  as a minimum we require

  • A written brief outlining your requirements. Try to identify the difference between Must Have | Desirable | Wish.
  • Copy of Title and Plan of Subdivision.
  • Land Survey, which may comprise of;
    • Feature Survey – identifying all features of your site and within close proximity.
    • Levels – to Australian Height Datum (AHD) if levels of your site are to be compared outside of site, or to and arbitrary datum (RL) for site specific levels.
    • Re-Establishment Survey – confirming the exact boundary locations of your site, essential when building on or near the boundary.
  • Property Information Request (from local council)
    • Stormwater Discharge Point (Legal point of discharge).
    • Easements.
  • Building & Property History (Copy of records of recent works from council archive)
    • Building Permit History.
    • Current Building Notices / Records.
    • Designated Areas: Flooding; Bushfire; Termites; Sewered.
  • Dial-Before-You-Dig; will provide full details and location of all services that pertain to the site.

Alternatively, we can offer this service to you upon engagement.